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What exactly do i have to do?

You will be a business partner for FM World UK (the company whose products we sell).  This means you will have exclusive access to their wholesale website where you can purchase all products at wholesale price and sell them to make an instant retail profit.  

At the end of each calendar month you will also receive a commission payment directly to your bank depending on your sales.  Cash bonuses are also available for achieving certain levels.

What products are available to profit from?

There is a range of health and beauty products including perfumes/aftershaves, fragrance candles, fragrance sticks, make up, nutritional supplements, cleaning products to name a few.  The perfumes are the most popular range and profitable. Over 1000 products available to profit from without having to hold stock.

Getting Started

Getting started is simple and easy. Complete the form below and you will be emailed an exclusive ID to login to the FM World UK Website. 

Once you have activated your account a member of FM World UK we will be in touch with you personally via Whatsapp to provide you with full support and guidance.

Do I have to invest money?

It is completely FREE to join and there is no obligation to purchase anything, however it is recommended to get a sample kit or at least a few of your favourite perfumes in order to promote them to your contacts.

In your first ten days of signing up you will receive a further discount of 30% off the wholesale price on a number of products.  

Do I hold any stock?

You do not have to hold any stock.  You simply order in when your customer orders from you.

How much can you earn?

This is all down to your drive. There are those who earn a few hundred ££s a month and there are those who earn thousands £££s.  We can advise you how to maximise your earnings.

Extra bonuses?

In addition to cash bonuses there is also a CAR incentive which means you can get a MERCEDES, BMW, RANGE ROVER or ANY car of your choice on a lease agreement and FM World UK will pay for it.  Not to mention annual 5 star holidays all PAID for!  

Is it a pyramid scheme?

This is Multi Level Marketing (MLM) / Network Marketing.  

Your profits come from selling goods, not from contributions made by other members.

Do I have to recruit?

There is no requirement to recruit other members. You will still make profit on any goods sold.  

Recruiting, however will make it easier for you to earn more commission and bonuses.

How can I sell my products?

Depending on your preference you can start with friends, family and your wider network of contacts.  In addition you can use social media as well as other selling platforms. The WORLD is your oyster.


Combine business with pleasure. By cooperating with FM WORLD, you are gaining access to a comprehensive palette of high quality products for everyday use, in which you can find something for yourself. You decide what you want to do, where and when. You design your career and manage your time. FM WORLD offers not only freedom of development, but also the time for yourself and your family.


If you have any further questions please get in touch via email under the CONTACT US section at the bottom of our page.

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